Pulse Jet Solenoid Valve
Pulse Jet Solenoid Valve
Pulse Jet Solenoid Valve UM-25 G1"
High quality right angle solenoid pulse valve with imported Diaphragm, used for controlling the compressed air of dust remover filter system.
Die-casting aluminum alloy valve body, stainless steel screw and long life working condition.

Pulse jet Solenoid Valve 

Model:  UM-Z-20,UM-Z-25, UM-Z-40, UM-Z-50, UM-Z-65,UM-Z-76

Working pressure: 0.3-0.8MPa

Ambient temperature: -5-55oC

Relative humidity: ∠85%

Working medium: Clean air

Voltage: AC110V/AC220V/DC24V

Diaphragm life: over 1 million cycles

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